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August 2017

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Borderline Personality or Chronic Relational Trauma Disorder:

Understanding BPD as a disorder of trauma, attachment and dissociation


Ruth A. Blizard, PhD

Open to all mental health professionals


The evidence increasingly shows that borderline personality derives from chronic trauma, neglect and especially, double-bind relationships in the family of origin. An understanding of these factors helps to form a framework for treating this bewildering and challenging disorder.





The hallmark characteristics of borderline personality


1)      affect dysregulation

2)      fear of abandonment

3)      idealization and devaluation

4)      explosive rage

5)      self-mutilation



Can be better understood as resulting from dissociative fragmentation due to

1)      neuropsychological state changes

2)      disorganized attachment

3)      traumatic reenactment

4)      post-traumatic magnification of perceived threat

5)      avoidance of overwhelming memories


A relational approach to treatment, based on an understanding of the traumatic origins of these characteristics, will be demonstrated. Role-play of therapeutic interactions will illustrate how to use empathic confrontation to overcome resistance to change and marshal clients’ strengths. When self-defeating behavior can be reframed as survival responses to trauma that were originally adaptive, but currently have maladaptive consequences, clients can learn to transform their defenses into healthier coping skills.


This presentation is based on the chapter, “Chronic relational trauma disorder: A new diagnostic scheme for borderline personality and the spectrum of dissociative disorders,” by Elizabeth F. Howell and Ruth A. Blizard in Dell, P. F. & O’Neil, J. A. (2009) Dissociation and the dissociative disorders: DSM-V and beyond. New York: Routledge.


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